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'Ride, Fly and Deliver'

HUBVERY's full delivery experience Operating System - G.A.B.R.I.E.L (GEO-AERIAL BIDIRECTIONAL ROUTING INFORMATION EXCHANGE LOGARITHM) - allows a peer-to-peer network of delivery hubs to interconnect with in-flight drones, making your delivery experience instant, secure, and seamless. Letting the drones in the air expand their range and function in an aero-terrestrial space intended to optimize routs, information sharing, and communication.

Delivery Experience

You can send and receive your parcel from location. GABRIEL reimagines the last-mile by coordinating terrestrial and UAV/UAS Hardware, Software, Firmware, Middleware, Drivers and Applications. Supply chain has never been more reliable.


Our design aims to facilitate navigation, transactions, and tracking. Flying a drone for another company? Don't worry, we have you covered with an API Addon that allows your delivery to latch to our network.

Digital Wallet

Save your transactions in one place and whether sending, delivering, or receiving, manage your business on our App. And, why not, own your data?

Phone Cable Ports
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You can also have a history of your transactions. Monetary transaction are easily tracked.

Chain Library

Access a full Library of your service providers, frequent peers, and more.


+ features to be introduced in further updates...

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